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Welcome to Time 2 Think, a new critical learning initiative from Lifeworlds Learning. This site is designed to grow and evolve with the project and with changes to the curriculum and wider society. It is a responsive resource to support educators and learner to think about important and topical issues.

Time 2 Think supports teaching and learning around how we can better understand self, others and the wider world.

Time 2 Think has been developed around a bank of classroom and CPD resources that you can pick up and use straight away. These are accompanied by support materials (including courses) that enable deeper engagement with the ideas, approaches and pedagogy behind them.

Time 2 Think creates a safe space for critical learning and has been developed by practitioners and teachers with many years experience in this area. It builds upon internationally acclaimed pedagogies and research that includes Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry (OSDE), Through Other Eyes (TOE), Philosophy for Children (P4C), and Global Citizenship Education.

Time 2 Think supports work across the curriculum and is particularly appropriate for work around global perspectives, community cohesion, citizenship, education for sustainable development, and PSHE.

Time 2 Think is intuitive and simple to navigate. Use the tabs above to find your way around the site or click on any of the hot and current items featured on this page for a direct link. We recommend all new visitors read this short introductory article in order to make the best use of what is here.

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The latest new units added to Time 2 Think include:


Who is responsible for climate change?


What is a crisis?


What are my values?


We are all born free


Feeling at home

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Time 2 Think is in a development and testing phase. Apologies for any missing links or content during this period.

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