Time 2 Think provides a simple structured approach for using dialogic learning and critical thinking in a wide range of settings. It has been developed by experienced educationalists and practising teachers to support learners in engaging with complex and controversial issues that require space and time to consider.

Many of these issues are related to being and belonging in a particular place or community and are closely connected with requirement of schools to provide for the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development of their learners. Other issues arise as a result of events, locally and globally, that may cause learners to question their understanding of something or challenge their existing world views.

Time 2 Think can be used in a variety of different settings, but the majority of units are intended to be used over one or two typical lessons, either as part of a bigger unit of work or as a response to a topical or locally relevant issue/event.

We would suggest that Time 2 Think is especially useful for introducing or deepening critical thinking about an issue. If you have responded as a school to a recent crisis in the news such as an earthquake, flood or famine for example, you might use the unit 'What is a crisis?' to deepen learners thinking.

With the current curriculum under review, this is not the easiest of questions to answer. However with more and more schools determining their own curriculum and the proposals for the new curriculum leaving significant space for this, Time 2 Think offers a valuable approach and tool for all schools.

There are close connections between Time 2 Think and many prior or existing initiatives. These include global learning, community cohesion, education for sustainable development, human rights education and philosophy for children. Each Time 2 Think unit includes information about how it might relate to particular curriculum areas, but our experience to date shows that many teachers find new and innovative ways to use both the units and the framework in other areas of their teaching.

As the Time 2 Think initiative develops we will be adding various forms of support for those using it. At present there are two main forms of support for users.

CPD units - we are adding a series of CPD units that support users of the Time 2 Think classroom materials. These are all downloadable as pdf documents and provide insight and instruction aimed directly at teachers.

CPD courses - Lifeworlds Learning offer courses to introduce Time 2 Think to new audiences and can also arrange for bespoke training as a school twilight or inset. We also offer specialist training and development days for authorities and clusters. Contact us for more information.

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This section of Time 2 Think is aimed at informing and supporting teachers. The majority of content is for a primary audience, but much is transferable to secondary settings and we intend to add secondary content as the project and site develops. We have tried to organise these pages intuitively, but if you can't find what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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