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Time2Think is an initiative of
from Lifeworlds Learning

Time 2 Think would not have been possible without the prior or ongoing support and inspiration of the following individuals, projects, and organisations:

Vanessa Andreotti

Linda Barker

Clive Belgeonne

Doug Bourne

Rob Bowden

Margaret Burr

Laiz Chen

Lynn Mario deSouza


Global Education Derby (GED)

Global Learning for Community Cohesion (GLCC)

Lifeworlds Learning

Mundi Global Education Centre

Katy Newell-Jones

Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry (OSDE)

Schools Linking Network

Through Other Eyes (TOE)

Sheila Tucker

Paul Warwick

Rosie Wilson




Time 2 Think is an initiative from Lifeworlds Learning. It has been partly developed out of Lifeworlds' involvement in Global Learning for Community Cohesion, a DFID funded project of Global Education Derby (GED). The project provided space and inspiration as well as a direct partnership with the project manager, to engage in some fresh thinking around existing methodologies and emerging educational challenges and ideas.

Time 2 Think is indebted to the work of a number of organisations and individuals who have been previously engaged in developing the methodologies of Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry (OSDE) and Through Other Eyes (TOE), both of which in turn built upon significant work in deepening an understanding of critical literacy.

Time 2 Think is independent of these earlier projects, but is firmly built upon their principles and practice. It differs in that it is more oriented towards the direct application of these pedagogocial and theortetical concepts for learning. We have at times thought of it as 'applied OSDE' for example.

Whereas the materials produced by OSDE and TOE in many ways begin with the instructor (teacher, tutor, practitioner, facilitator etc), Time 2 Think takes practice and learners as its starting point. It aims to support immediate engagement with learners whilst ensuring that it holds true to pedagogical underpinnings. By integrating the underlying pedagogy into the resources and courses we hope that we will support the user to engage and develop their understanding through practice and in 'bite-size' chunks suited to busy teaching lives.

For those who wish to engage more directly with the pedagogical background there are clearly identified links throughout the site. In addition, the Time 2 Think team are able to provide direct CPD to individuals, clusters, organisations, authorities or others who would like to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying methodologies. See our courses pages for information on these opportunities.


If you would like to know anything more about Time 2 Think then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Time 2 Think owes its existence to a considerable body of earlier work. Most of this was completed as part of funded projects that have since come to a conclusion and are therefore no longer supported. In recognition of this work and of the many people who contributed to it we have gathered a selection of this content together in our Practice Vault so that it can be avaliable for future audiences. If you require any further information about particular work you find in the vault then please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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