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Welcome to the Time 2 Think teaching resources. We will add to these as new content is developed and submitted. Browse below for a summary of each resource and click the title of each to access the full resource and any supporting materials.

Creating a Safe Space

This resource introduces the principles of creating a safe space for engaging learners in Time 2 Think. This is recommended to all users ahead of using any resources in the classroom.

Critical Thinking

Time 2 Think has been developed to encourage critical thinking, but what do we understand by this term ourselves and what could we do to improve our own critical thinking?

Controversial Classrooms

How do we deal with that difficult classroom situation? How will you react if someone is disturbed by issues that come up? This resource will help you plan for and respond to these and other situations.

Facilitator Skills

Many of the Time 2 Think activities require a different style of teaching that is much more about facilitating than learning. This resource can support you and your colleagues to develop your facilitator skills.

A Community of Practice

The practitioners using Time 2 Think are invited to become part of a growing community of practice, but what does that mean? In this article we share what we understand by this and why we think you should join!

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